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Scale without stress. Increase revenue and accelerate growth with less effort and expense. Build your business, professional practice or corporate marketing campaigns on our Value Pathways.

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Hello! I'm a serial entrepreneur, and I've also served as a corporate executive and builT a professional services practice. I know how stressful, challenging and lonely it is growing your revenue while fulfilling your commitments to clients and customers, developing innovative offerings and wearing a thousand other hats.


That's why I've developed a complete system that runs your business for you so you can make the magic happen. Pick the value pathways that best suit your needs -- and you'll get a whole lot more!


David Larson Levine

David Larson Levine

Founder & CEO

Scoby Society

Funnels are Complicated

If you're Gen X like me, you probably remember the Michael Jordon commercial for Nike where Spike Lee keeps repeating, "It's gotta be the shoes."


The joke is, of course, that it's obviously not the shoes. It's the physique, the training, the skills and the talent. But this being a Nike commercial they're gonna credit the shoes.


I always think of that commercial when I see Russel Brunson's tagline "you're just one funnel away." 


As if it's the funnel that's gonna make the different.


That's just what Brunson's company Clickfunnels wants you to believe.


If you believe that it's the funnel that makes the difference you will be always be one funnel away. Always... 


So, instead of spending the big bucks on custom funnels or many hours crafting your own, pick a value pathway that best fits your vibe. We'll provide training and support. You'll grow your revenue with a lot less time, expense and effort.

Value Pathways are HOT!

A pathway is more than just a website or a funnel. It's more than a sequence of landing pages and emails, and it's more than just an integrated sales and marketing campaign.


Each element of a pathway delivers significant value and guides your dream client forward along their creative quest. 


A pathway represents the journey of a person seeking answers, solutions and results. A person with urgent unmet needs. A person facing challenges and obstacles that you can help them overcome.


You have an important solution for this person, your dream client. You want your pathways to them along on their journey to the results they seek.


That's where our value pathways shine.


Our value pathways bring you together with your dream clients in live, shared experiences. A shared experience is where two or more people are in the same live session at the same time. This can be on Zoom, Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Instagram Rooms or our new app Scoby Social.


Our pathways are designed to deepen your connection with your prospective dream clients in live sessions as quickly as possible. The faster you connect, the faster you can serve. The more people you connect with, the more income you earn.



Pathways are not just websites.

Value Pathways are not just Funnels.

  • Pathways embody the full creative quest. Guide your dream client, step by step, from curiosity to commitment, attention to action.

  • Value Pathways increase revenue. By gently guiding your prospects into shared experiences, you can serve more people and earn more income, faster.

  • Value Pathways bring it all together. Prepare your prospect for a shared experience, build your authority, connect deeply, address concerns, then provide a clear path for results.

You Get More Than a Pathway. You Get A Partner.

I'm committed to your results. Hear from a few of the wonderful people I've worked with.

David is a visionary who dreams big but then creates detailed plans and assembles qualified teams to bring the vision from dream state to reality.


Warren Kahn

Life Coach, businessman, retired professor, and Grammy-nominated musician/producer.

I have known David Larson Levine for many years and know few individuals who possess his synergistic combination of genius, creativity, eloquence, and passion.

Four Arrows

Indigenous worldview scholar, hypnotherapist, and performance coach.

David is an incredible human being! His passion for unlocking the gifts inside of others is profound, and he has an incredible vision for making this world a better place for everyone.

Maayan Gordon

Social media influencer, creator and entrepreneur.

What Makes Our Ecosystem So Special...

We're not just a funnel agency. We provide complete value pathways, marketing campaigns, online training and a supportive community of executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and creators like you!


All the pages and tools you need are included with our Pathways and are simple to edit to your brand and color scheme.


Each Pathway comes with pre-written emails in sequences to help guide more visitors into loyal clients.


Through automated sequences you can send a valuable message to each recipient in sequence for maximum results.


Host memberships, online courses and trainings with the perfect Pathways that streamline the whole process from start to result.


You'll be invited to join a private, supportive community of professionals, entrepreneurs & executives like you!


Each Pathway comes with pre-written emails in sequences to help guide more people into your offerings.


Every Pathway is integrated with Scoby Social, the app for shared experiences. Include live public sessions to increase revenue!


Our Pathways are built on Kartra, the most complete, rock-solid, supported e-commerce platform. Everything is included!

It's Time to Bring your Projects to Life!

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