Activate Your Inner Executive Coach


I'm David Larson Levine

I started my first company, an independent record label, out of my dorm room in 1986. Since then, I founded one of the world's first web development studios, presented a paper at the First International Conference of the World Wide Web at CERN Particle Physics Lab in 1994, wrote one of the first books on the Java programming language published in 1996, founded several companies in such diverse domains as fintech, video game tech, renewable energy and blockchain, served as an executive in state government, non-profits and established corporations, and for more than 25 years I have been blessed with the presence of my three powerful children, my magical grandchild and my wonderful wife in a beautiful home on the river in the woods just upstream from Shepherdstown, WV.


After more than three decades of guidance from shamans, saints, sages and seers, I'm offering a mastermind for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs that will activate your own inner coach to transform yourself, serve others and co-create a new world where we can all flourish together.

The Creator Economy is here and it's changing everything.

Whether you're an executive, a professional or an entrepreneur like me you can make good money, guide those who are drawn to you and co-create a world of passion, prosperity and purpose for all.

Are you ready? Let's go...  

This is what you've been searching for. The third wave of the internet.


The home of the Creator Economy.


This is the time to hone your vision and heed your calling.


This is the place to build the fortitude, courage and commitment to co-create the life of your dreams.


First, a bit of background....


In 1993, when the Mosaic browser team from NCSA first released a version that displayed images from websites I quit my job at the World Bank and hit the road with my PowerBook 100 showing businesses how they could get themselves a presence on the "information superhighway."


My company HuskyLabs built the first websites and web-based application for National Public Radio, The Coca-Cola-Company, Penguin Books (including Stephen King's first website), The Baltimore Sun, Holland & Knight, the Democratic National Committee and so many more companies, organizations, people and events.


We produced the first ever live-streamed video news event on the internet for the Catholic Church, "PopeTV," that covered Pope John Paul II's visit to the US in 1995.


We pretty much shut down the internet when we copied the Heaven's Gate website just before it was removed by the FBI and our URL was broadcast on CNN. All the traffic from around the world tried to hit our servers in Shepherdstown, WV.


We even hosted websites that were part of AOL in the basement of our home, since we had a T1 line and promised "24 hour monitoring."


Those were good times.


That was before Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon corralled the internet and made you play by their rules.


That was before you willingly entered the Big Tech treadmill where you struggled to get attention for your posts and pages, managed ad campaigns and generated leads with ever-changing conversion costs, building funnels, joining groups, forming groups, sending messages, booking meetings, following up...


That was before online business became just like the workplace.


Before entrepreneurship became just another career path.


Before the social media hijacked your passions.


Before search engines trained you to write bland, lifeless copy for consumption by neural networks and ranking systems.


Well... the good times are back.


And they're better than ever!


I'm inviting you to join me in my co-creation ecosystem that includes...


Scoby Academy where you can prepare your offerings and initiate your creative quests...


Scoby Social where you can engage your prospects, clients and partners in real-time shared experiences, and...


Scoby Studio where you can deliver your offerings and scale your business with automations, templates, websites, landing pages, funnels, videos, lists, campaigns, memberships, help desks, ecommerce, courses and more.


It all starts right here in my mastermind, the Creators Guild, where you can... 


make good money by activating your inner coach...


find guidance and serve as a guide on your creative quests...


and co-create a new world where we can all flourish together.


I deeply appreciate your interest, and look forward to seeing you in the Guild!

What You Want To Know About Your Fellow Traveller

  • Over Three Decades of Business Experience

    I've founded several companies, raised tens of million of dollars in venture capital, sold hundreds of millions of dollars in goods and services, served as an executive in governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and major corporations.

  • Deep Work as a Mentor, Coach & Guide

    I've learned from Michael Harner (Way of the Shaman), Bill Plotkin (Soulcraft), Jamie Reiser (Ecotherapy), Warren Kahn (Master Navigator), Vijay Reddy (More To Life), Sophie Sabbage (Lifework), Howard Teich (Solar Lunar) and Four Arrows (CAT-FAWN) and forged these traditions (and more) into my own co-creative modality called SCOBY -- Symbiotic Culture of Belief and Yearning.

  • Experiential Learning Orientation

    In order to see results, I will focus on your experience, not your performance. To get to your outcomes, I will support your development, not your achievements. You'll improve your performance by optimizing your experience in the moment. You'll achieve your outcomes through continuous development of your capacity and capability.

  • Super-connector and Matchmaking Prodigy

    My role doesn't end with building your capacity, capabilities, performance and results. I'll serve as a prodigious matchmaker introducing you to your dream clients and partners around the world. 


Learn how you can play a vital role in our close-knit ecosystem of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs that spans the globe.


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